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Activities of the Planning Authority


The very basic function of Local Planning Authorities under the provisions of Town and Country Planning Act is to carry out surveys on the existing land and buildings in the respective Planning Areas.

Based on the Land and building survey, Existing Landuse and Proposed land uses for a target year has to be prepared. These two basic maps are incorporated in the development plans such as Master Plan and Detailed Development Plan etc.,.

The Master plan and Detailed development plans are the blue books for the Planning Authoriries using which they regulate the physical development of the town and its environs comprised in the Planning Areas.

By well thought out strategy, current deficiencies in infrastructure and amenities are to be quantified and requirements for the future to be projected.

While suggesting solutions to meet the current deficiencies, new project proposals and schemes are to be formulated to provide infrastructure and amenities for the future population.

Planning Authorities are hence statutorily bound to prepare such development reports and make sincere efforts to implement the development plans by properly phasing the implementation of projects and schemes proposed identified.

Mobilising resources for implementation of the development plans is yet an important function of the planning authorities.

And more importantly, enforcement of development control rules and Act provisions and to see that the physical developments in their jurisdiction is authorised, the development are in order and all congenial to the peaceful living of the people of the area is the responsibility rested with the planning authorities.

Madurai Local Planning Authority is cognizant of its obligatory and statutory functions and is living upto the expectations.

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The Challenges

Generally the development of any town is mostly confined within the town boundary itself and as such the municipality concerned could address the issues of physical developments with the body like Single Local Planning Authority (SLPA) constituted for the town to carry out the planning functions.

However, in case of major cities, where physical developments reach out to places beyond the boundaries of said municipal cities or Corporations then, to control the development beyond the defined jurisdictios of said Municipal towns or Corporations is cumbursome and bring jurisdictional conflicts as well, as the adjoining areas may be comprised in Municipalities, Town Panchayats or Village Panchayats.

Such major cities combined with their adjoining areas of influence are identified and declared as Composite Local Planning Areas. And accordingly physical planning, and regulation of developments is entrusted with the Composite Local Planning Authorities constituted under the Town and Country Planning Act..

Madurai is one such major city having potential to develop within and to influence the growth of adjoining towns and villages to a sizable depth.

As such the Madurai Local Planning Authority as a Planning and Regulatory Authority is having challenging tasks before them.

The defined activities and functions in the form of programmes, projects and schemes emenated from the proviso of Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act help meet the challenges democratically and judiciously.

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Preparation and implementation of MasterPlan

Master plan is prepared for towns, giving emphasize for zoning regulation for judicious use of urban land.

Master Plan is a key development plan to provide land use allotment for residential, commercial, industrial, public and semi-public,traffic and transportation, parks, play fields and open spaces, etc., taking into consideration the existing land uses.

In the Master plans while suggesting for broader land use restrictions, problem areas are identified in the key sectors of traffic and transport, education, recreation etc.,. and solutions are offered in the form of proposals.

The Master Plan for Madurai was originally approved in the year 1995 . Currently the Review Master plan has been consented by the Government under section 24(2) of Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 vide G.O Ms. No. 311 Housing and Urban Development(UD-IV-2)) Department, Dated 17.11.2006 and being readied for approval of Review Master Plan. In the report provision of infrastructure facilities for future is proposed.

Further based on the Madurai Master Plan Report, Programme of actions are drawn and funding agencies are being identified to take up projects for implementation

The entire Original approved Master Plan Report together with the Existing Landuse and Proposed land use Maps for the core Corporation area and Areas other than Corporation falling within the jurisdiction of Madurai Local Planning Area is open to public view through this web site.

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Preparation and implementation of DD Plan

Detailed Development Plans are prepared in conformity with Master Plan proposals. These reports are prepared for smaller areas within the urban area.

The Detailed Development plans are the action plans in which the development projects and programmes are carved out.

The Detailed Development Plans are micro-level plans with detailed marking of road networks, parking spaces, public uses etc., to accomodate the future negotiations well within the potential area.

The Master Plan Proposals are infact, translated for development of specific areas which exhibits faster growth.

The Detailed Development Plans are also reviewed periodically based on the trend of development.

So far 122 detailed development plans have been prepared for Madurai by the Planning Authority.

The approved Detailed Development Plans are put on display in this web site for public view.

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Urban Renewal for Madurai

The older builtup areas have to undergo drastic changes to accomodate the present pressures of physical developments.

A road with bridge constructed under the schemeRenewal of old settlements that were allowed to develop in the past to suit the then tendency of work and living, have to be reoriented or altogether changed to withstand the pressures of population density and transport requirements.

The basic infrastructure designs and outlet discharge requirements have necessiated even relocation of certain settlements.,

The Government of India pours in Crores of Rupees under the project to give a new facelift to selected town presently.

But it is no wonder that the concept had catched the mind of planners even before the Governmental efforts in this direction, for, the Directorate of Town and Country Planning, Government of Tamil Nadu had initiated action to prepare Urban Renewal Report for major towns of the state including Madurai and the reports have now become handy or a ready reconer to tackle the civic problems. The other four towns for whom urban renewal reports available are Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli, Salem and Tirunelveli. The Urban Renewal Report for Madurai City is placed in the web site for reference.

Financial assistance for taking up major projects under the scheme is always a burden for urban local bodies and rather financing at large scale to the local bodies is also beyond the capacity of the Planning Authority.

However, financial assistantce to the tune of hundreds of crore has been provided to Coimbatore and Madurai under JNNURM programme by the Government of India. Improvement to urban Infrastructure proposals that have been emphasized in the urban renewal report for Madurai have been thoroughly considered by the City Corporation to be financed under the JNNURM and projects have been under taken for execution.

Further, the provision of Under Ground Drainage and such other basic infrastructure to serve for present needs can not be ignored simply because of financial constrains. Hence Word Bank and such other International Funding Agencies are approached by the Government seeking financial assistance and on implementation of such projects user charges are collected towards clearence of loans. The interests of poor class is taken into consideration while implementation.

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Traffic and Transportation

A road with bridge constructed under the schemeUrban transport in metropolitan cities is under increasing stress due to the scale of urbanization viz., ever increasing city size and ever changing landuse pattern.

In Madurai town, traffic and transportation is becoming increasingly complex and unmanageable.

Traffic negotiations suffers from bottlenecks in important junctions and stretches in the Central Business District area.

Comprehensive Traffic and Transport study (CTTS) under taken for Madurai by the Directorate of Town and Country Planning, Government of Tamil Nadu to study in depth the factors of travel time, mode and cost of travel, pollution and distance to work, education and entertainment has quantified the problem. Remedial measures to ease traffic congestion at important juntions have been suggested in the CTTS report for Madurai and the short term proposals identified in the CTTS report is put on execution by Madurai Corporation with financial support of 50 lakhs as 75% grant from the Town and Country Planning Development Fund.The Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation report prepared for Madurai City Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Report for Madurai Cit is placed for view

The localbody has taken up road improvements including formation of traffic islands, road widening etc., at important junctions including at Raja Annamalai Mandram -Distric Court - junction, one at Pazhanganatham, one at (MGR Statue corner) KK Nagar, one at Thavittu sandai and yet another one near Fathima College at a total estimated cost of Rs.26.85 lakhs. A few photographs taken at the sites are displayed below

Traffic projects

Project monitoring and reporting on the progress to the Director is done by the Memeber Secretary,Madurai Local Planning Authority and Regional Deputy Director of Town and Country Planning.

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The Government of Tamil Nadu is concerned about protection of the general environment of our priceless Heritage Towns and preserving them for the benefit of future generations.

Under Heritage protection, construction activities are regulated/restricted/banned in the declared heritage areas. Madurai City has been declared as heritage town by the Government of Tamil Nadu vide their order G.O.Ms.No.163 Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department, Dated 6th July, 1993. Shri Madurai Meenakshiamman Temple being the centre of such declaration, restriction on the height of the buildings as to allowing only to a maximum of 9 mts being imposed on developments within 1 Km radius is in effect.

Development of buildings around the Temple

The layout of Meenakshi Temple

As has been done for other heritage towns, by engaging consultants/professionals, Development plans for Srirangam heritage town has been prepared by the Directorate of Town and Country Planng, Government of Tamil Nadu

The report also suggests certain projects to protect and beautify the environment around the heritage sites.

Steps are also taken to implement projects for environmental protection of heritage towns.

Projects for providing parking lot with basic amenities like restaurant, toilet etc., within the parking lot itself and other projects towards conservation of the heritage town are undertaken under this programme.

The Government have issued orders sanctioning Rs.50.00 lakhs to be met out from State Town and Country Planning Development Fund, in G.O.Ms.No.203 Housing and urban Development (UD-IV(2)) Department dated 24.09.2008. Tamil Development Department has been provided with the said financial assistance of 50 Lakhs rupees as 100% grant to take up their project of the Construction of Naanmadakoodal building establishing permenent musium for displaying Drawings, paintings, photos, models and such other articles that portray the ancient culture, history and litrary acheivements of the past era so that the present younger generation is well informed of the glory of Madurai City. Accordingly Rs.50.00 lakhs as 100% grant has been sanctioned and released from the Town and Country Planning Development Fund to the District Collector, Madurai in the proceedings of the Member-Secretary, Committee of Town and Country Planning Board and the Director of Town and Country Planning vide Roc.No. 10715/08/UP1 dated 30.09.2010. This proposal has been mooted by Secretary, Tourism and Tamil Development Department, Governemnt of Tamil Nadu

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Integrated Urban Development Project (IUDP)

Under the scheme of Integrated Urban Development Programme, small and medium towns ( Municipalities and Town Panchayats ) are given financial assistance to a maximum of Rs.30.00 lakhs as loan with an agreed repayment pattern so that beneficiary local body could take up remunerative projects.

This assistance is given to augment the financial resources of the local bodies who are fund crunch but are potential in urban growth and might arrest out-migration if certain facilities are created within.

By taking up remunerative schemes such as construction of bus stand, shopping complex, markets etc.,

The local bodies would find a source of regular income to the local body.

The financial assistance is provided from Town and Country Planning Development Fund of the Directorate of Town and Country Planning in order to make the urban local bodies self reliant while assuring minimum infrastructure in such small and medium towns which are identified on some basis as threshold population etc.,.

Within Madurai Local Planning Area the projects sanctioned during 1980's were put to use more than 25 years back. And they are earning good income to the localbodies. At present no IUDP project is under taken after such project implementations are vested with Tamil Nadu Urban Finance Infrastructure Development Corporation (TUFIDCO).

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Seed Capital Assistance

Under this programme ,financial assistance is provided as grant from the Town and Country Planning Development Fund of the Directorate of Town and Country Planning, Government of Tamil Nadu for the implementation of the proposals contemplated in the Master Plan, Detailed Development Plan and New Town Development Plan.

Under this programme 75% of the cost estimate subject to a ceiling of Rs.30.00 lakhs is given to local bodies who implement the Development Plan proposala.

By this assistance, as its name implies, seeds of developments are shown in the urban areas especially in their devloping pockets ( Extended areas).

The local body could take up formation of scheme roads, espacially the new ones identified in develoment plans for an estimated cost of 40 lakhs Rupees.

The balance 25% has to be met by the local bodies themselves from their own resource.

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Development of Parks and Play Fields

In thickly populated towns and cities, parks and play fields function as the lung spaces while serving for recreation as well.

Due to the financial crunch of the local bodies, parks and play fields generally, are not properly maintained.

Financial assistance of Rs.2.25 lakhs as one time grant and 90% contribution to improve and maintain them is provided from Town and Country Planning Development Fund of the Directorate of Town and Country Planning.

The beneficiary local body or any Non-Government Organization on itsr behalf have to contribute Rs.0.25 lakhs as the local body's 10% share towards the implementation of the projects.

Any additional cost over and above the grant and the minimum share of local body,should be met from the own sources of the local body.

Project monitoring and reporting on the progress to the Director to be done by the Memeber Secretary, Madurai Local Planning Authority.

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According technical approvals

According approval to layouts is a technical guidance in nature since local bodies are not technically (Town Planning )qualified.

However, the power to issue firm approval is vested only with the local body.

The Member secretary, Local Planning Authority is delegated with powers to approve proposals for layouts upto 5 acres of extent received from the urban local bodies coming under the Local Planning Area, after proper scrutiny of the proposals including design.

If the extent is more than 5 acres, the proposal is given technical approval at head office at Chennai for which initial scrutiny is done by the Member Secretary.

The scrutiny by local body concerned and clearing the proposal by them at their level is pre requirement before the proposal is processed at the Local Planning Authority level.

The Member Secretary will take care to see that the layouts are prepared in accordance with the specified land use zone classification prescribed in the Master Plan, Detailed Development Plan and New Town Development Plan

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Issuing Planning Permissions

Planning permissions are issued under the Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 for all developmental activities proposed within the jurisdiction of the Authority.

Powers are delegated to local body for according approval to certain extent of built up area and number floor /dwellings etc.,

Upto the delegated level, the local body could while approve the building plan will issue building licence after collecting necessary fees and charges from the applicants.

Member Secretary, Local Planning Authority is also delegated with certain powers to give technical approval and to issue planning permissions for residential, commercial, institutional, public buildings etc.,

Beyond the delegated powers of Local Body and Local Planning Authority, the building proposals are forwarded by Member Secretary with the council resolution and Authority Resolution after making initial scrutiny and site inspection at the level of local body and Member Secretary,Local Planning Authority.

Detailed procedure involved in the building plan approvals together with power delegation details have been uploaded in the website.

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Building Appeal Petitions

The Directorate of Town and Country Planning at their Head Office at Chennai process and pass orders on proposals for declaration of Multi-Storeyed Building Area (MSB Declaration) and construction of multistoried and public buildings, group housing etc.

The appeal petitions/ proposals addressed to Secretary to Government, Municipal Administration and Water Supply Development Department,Government of Tamil Nadu are forwarded by the local bodies / Local Planning Authorities with reference to multi-storied buildings, public buildings and other buildings with remarks to the Director.

The Director after scrutiny at his level, will forward the proposal to the Government for final orders.

Detailed procedure involved in the MSB Declaration, MSB and Publing Building Plan approval details have been uploaded in the website.

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Conducting meetings of The Authority

The meeting of theMadurai Local Planning Authority is conducted once in every month. The meeting is Chaired by the District Collector. Other members appointed to the Authority by the Government are:

  • ThiruK.Nagarajan
  • Member,Madurai Corporation council, representing Ward No.72
  • Thirumathi R.Gandhimathy M.A.,
  • Chairperson, Tiruparankundram Municipality.
  • Thiru R.K.Jayaraman
  • Chairman, Paravai Town Panchayat.
  • Thiru K. Chandrasekaran
  • Chairman,Tirumangalam Panchayat Union.
  • Thiru P.Moorthy, MLA
  • Solavandan Assembly Constituency
  • ThiruN.Jagadeesan
  • Chairman, Tamilnadu Industries-Commerce Association.
  • Thiru V.S.Sudammani
  • Thiru M.Mathimaran
  • Assistant Director of Town and Country Planning- MemberSecretary(I/c)

Master Plan variation proposals, Detailed Development Plan Variation Proposals, policy matters apart from issues of granting planning permission, approvals will be discussed in the meeting and decision on majority acceptance will be arrived.Clear agenda will be prepared and circulated to member earlier to the meeting and proceedings of the meeting will be recorded.

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Maintaining LPA Fund

The LPA Fund is created as per the stipulations of the Town and Country Planning Act.

The main source of inflow is through the development charges collected towards issue of planning permissions for building and land development within the Local Planning Area.

Other major source is 1% contribution ( one percentum of general income of the constituent localbodies)from localbodies.

Administrative expenditure including expenditure on staff salary is to be met from LPA Fund.The fund is also to be utilized for implementation of Master Plan/Detailed Development Plan. Prior sanction of the Director / Government is necessary to utilize the Fund. Anual Budget of the planning authority is approved by the Director.

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In the present conditions enforcement of regulations and penalizing the develoments that are not in tune with the Development plans or as approved or pury unauthorized is under taken by Local Authorities as they are authorities who issue final and firm approvals.

But the enforcement is felt to be inadequate as there found to serious violations.

The powers as available in the existing Town and Country Planning Act are not aequate to deal with the situations.

The Act is being subjected to comprehensive Amendments by the Committee Constituted by the Government of Tamil Nadu under the Chairmanship of Honourable Justice S.Mohan, Judge(Rtd.)Supreme Court Of India.