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Sub-division and amalgamation of plots

Sub-division of site

Applicant seeking sub-division of plot should submit application in the prescribed form with necessary enclosures in 5 sets to the Member Secretary, Local Planning Authority. The sub-division of sites for the uses like residential, commercial, industrial, public and semi-public purposes etc., can be approved subject to the following conditions:

  • Sub-division of sites in approved layouts;

  • Sub-division of sites abutting the roads owned and maintained by the local bodies;

  • Sub-division of sites will not be approved in unauthorised layout;

  • Sub-division can also be approved where one plot abuts an authorized private or public street or the proposed road of Detailed Development Plan or Master Plan, if the Executive Authority of the Local body gives certificate to the effect that the street is taken over by the Local body and it is a recognized public street/road;

  • Sub-division will not be approved when the sub-division proposal violates the regulations of Building Rule, Multi-storey Building Rule, Public Building Rules, Detailed Development Plan regulations and proposals, Master Plan regulations, Coastal zone regulations, Hill Area Building rules, Heritage town regulations as stipulated by the Government and any other regulations notified under other Acts but concerned with urban planning and developments.

  • The minimum dimension of the sub-division of sites must not be less than 9 metres x 18 metres in Detailed Development Plan areas and it must not be less than 6 metres x 18 metres in non Detailed Development Plan areas in Municipalities and Town Panchayats. In Panchayat union areas, it must be 12m x 18m.

  • The sub-division approval for one site must not reduce the dimensions of the abutting site below the level that indicated for the sub-division proposals mentioned in this instructions. This means after approving the sub-division proposals, the minimum dimension of the abutting sites also must not be less than 9 metres x 18 metres or 6 metres x 18 metres or 12m x 18m as the case may be depending upon its location in the Detailed Development Plan areas or non Detailed Development Plan areas or Panchayat union areas.

  • Sub-division proposals if create new roads as access ways to the sites, must not be considered as a sub-division.

  • The site for which sub-division is requested should not cause drastic violations of rules to the existing building.

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Amalgamation of sites

Amalgamation of site proposal may be approved in the following situations.

  • If the sites are in the approved layouts;

  • If the amalgamated sites satisfy the requirements for minimum width, minimum depth and minimum extent as required under relevant norms and statutory regulations;

  • If the proposal does not reduce the site of the abutting sites below that required for approving the sub-division as per this instructions;

  • If the proposal does not violate the regulations and proposals of the Master Plan and Development Plan:

  • No amalgamation of site proposal will be approved if it is in the unauthorised layout.

  • No amalgamation proposals will be approved if the site does not abut the existing recognized road of the Local bodies or Government;

  • No amalgamation proposal will be approved if the building proposed in the amalgamated site violates the statutory regulations of relevant Building Rules and the regulations and proposals of Master Plan and Detailed Development Plan.