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Unauthorized Development

The sections 48 & 49 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971 require that any one who intends to develop any land or building should take a planning permission before commencement of the development work, whose site falls within the jurisdiction of the planning authority.

Any development without proper planning permission under the Act will be considered unauthorized even if a permission or licence is taken under any other law. This means that planning permission is a prerequisite for any building and land Development within the jurisdiction of local planning authority.

In the cases where the Local body concerned is delegated with powers to issue planning permission, the planning permission and building licence could be issued simultaneously by the localbody On otherhand, when the powers to issue planning permission is with the Local Planning Authority, then building licence or any other licence can be issued only after planning permission is issued by Local Planning Authority.

The Local Planning Authority after issuing planning permission will send the plan to the local body for issue of required licence under the Local Authorities Act.